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  • At the base of Heart Mountain next to Yellowstone National Park, Powell is in northwest Wyoming.  Fossils tell us the Basin was once lush with vegetation. Irrigation allows this high desert to bloom again and provide food for our nation.

    The Buffalo Bill Dam holds water that is released into miles of tunnels, cannels and smaller dams that deliver water to farms in and around Powell, Wyoming. This monumental effort started construction in 1904 and was completed in 1947 as a part of the Shoshone Project, a Bureau of Reclamation venture. The Cary Homesteading Act brought farmers westward to work the irrigated land at four times in four districts Garland (1907), Frannie (1917), Willwood, (1927) and Heart Mountain (1947).

    Powell was incorporated in 1909 and has been an agricultural community ever since. Our farmers continue to be innovative. A robust influence from the University of Wyoming Research and Extension Center as well as the Northwest College agricultural programs positions our large family famers to be leaders in the industry.  

    Our grass-fed beef is lean, our barley is golden, local foods are just better in Powell, Wyoming. Learn the secrets of farming in the desert and how our local irrigation and farming practices makes your food look and taste better. The Powell Visitor Center hosts agricultural and local foods tours for bus tours, custom tours, and self-guided tours.

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    Contact the Powell Visitor Center 307-754-3494 info@powellchamber.org 

    • Bus Tour Rates - Contact Powell Visitor Center
    • Custom Tours start at $300 or $50/ person.
    • Community Tours available through PVCE
    • Self-Guided Tours coming soon with our Agriculture and Local foods app

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