Know Before You Vote! Local Elections in Park County, WY

Park County, WY Local Elections are November 8, 2022. If you live in Wyoming and voted in the Primary Elections you may think it isn't necessary to go back to the polls this November to cast your vote again. However, the General Election is when Park County citizens choose our local board members and trustees.

At the Powell Economic Partnership we don't endorse local candidates but we do inform you in a bipartition way. It can be difficult to find information about Park County, WY local elections before you enter the polls.  We are here to help.

Wyoming Constitutional Amendments

Two Wyoming Constitutional Amendments will be on the ballet for the voters to select yes or no, for Park County, WY local elections on November 8th.

Wyoming Constitutional Amendment A
The Wyoming constitution allows the state to invest state funds in equities such as the stock of corporations, but does not allow the funds of counties, cities, and other political subdivisions to be invested in equities. The adoption of this amendment would allow the funds of counties, cities, and other political subdivisions to be invested in equities to the extent and in the manner the legislature may allow by law. Any law authorizing the investment of specified political subdivision funds in equities would require a two-thirds vote of both houses of the legislature.

Wyoming Constitutional Amendment B
Currently, the Wyoming constitution requires Wyoming supreme court justices and district court judges to retire upon reaching the age of seventy (70). This amendment increases the mandatory retirement age of supreme court justices and district court judges from age seventy

Local Election Office Descriptions & Candidates

Park County School District #1 Board of Trustees

Mission: As a learning community, we inspire, engage, and prepare all students.
Office Responsibilities: Board members volunteer their time to oversee the management of the district’s schools including use of public funds, curriculum, employment, and facilities, as well as serving as the policy-making body within the district. Every action and decision of the board is carefully evaluated to serve the best interests of our students and community.
Philosophy: Park County School District #1 takes responsibility to prepare Park County School District #1 students for their future very seriously. We recognize that aside from the home, we play a key, critical role in the development and education of tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, decision makers, and caregivers. We want our students to be ready for and have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and educational goals—because their success is our success.

Forum for Park County School District #1 Board of Trustees

Meet PCSD#1 Board of Trustee Candidates

Candidates for Park County School District #1 Board of Trustees

Northwest College

Board of Trustees

Mission: NWC's ambitious but attainable goals are to maintain or exceed the current institutional performance, as well as meet or exceed state and national benchmarks.
Office Responsibilities: The Board has full powers of organization and governance of the College provided by Wyoming State Statute and the Wyoming Community College Commission that include college policies, supervision of College President, college budget, college audit, college seal, college calendar, and approval of all new degree programs and diplomas.
Philosophy: In the context of our global society, Northwest College is to: be student-centered; be forward thinking; cultivate community; prepare students for transfer, career, and life; and retain and graduate students.

Forum for Northwest College Board of Trustees

Candidates for Northwest College Board of Trustees

Carolyn Danko NWC Board of Trustees

Carolyn Danko

I was born in Dayton, Ohio where my father was serving with the Army Corps of Engineers tasked with building airstrips in various states. Dayton was the last stop and shortly thereafter, we moved back to North Dakota where I grew up.

I graduated from Bismarck High School in 1961 as an honors student and went on to the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks. I was one of the first class of Honor Students. I realized that it was a Liberal Arts degree. I decided to change my major as I intended to graduate with credentials for a job or career. Like most young students I changed my major a couple of times and universities, twice.  I started with a curriculum in Retail Merchandising from the Business College.

I met my husband, Gerry Danko, during spring semester of my freshman year. He was a junior at the time, majoring in physical education and coaching. When he graduated and moved to Wichita, Kansas I stayed at UND for a semester but followed him to Kansas and enrolled at Kansas State University during my junior year. I had changed majors by that time to a home economics education as I could see there wasn’t much future in a fashion career while married to a coach. We were married the summer before my senior year and we moved to Laramie, Wyoming where I could finish my degree at the University of Wyoming and he could pursue a career in insurance.

After I graduated with a B. S. in Home Economics he started work on his Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling at UW. I returned to UW to get an endorsement in Elementary Education as I had discovered that Home Economics did not have a large calling card.

During this time we both had accepted teaching jobs at the high school in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. He taught science and I had the Home Economics program in grades 7 through Senior Year plus was the sponsor of the Junior Class and the FHA program. We stayed two years and then moved on to Cheyenne where Gerry got the counseling position at East High. However, I was not able to score a position teaching but became an administrative assistant to the Director of Research and the Superintendent of the public schools in Cheyenne. (It was a good look at the “other side” of education and I felt I got a great deal of benefit from that job. The only downside was the paycheck—certainly not like a teacher salary.)

A year later Gerry had his masters degree and was recruited by Northwest Community College in Powell, Wyoming. So we packed up and moved again. He taught psychology, exceptional children and was the guidance counselor. We lived in Lewis and Clark Dormitory while Gerry was the RA.  I took a job in Cowley, Wyoming teaching third grade. The next year I was able to become the high school home economics teacher at Powell High School where I taught home economics for 13 years.

After teaching at NWC my husband decided to return to his roots as a farmer and we bought additional acreage south of Powell. I became the wife of a farmer. (I told him that this was okay but I was not going to be the “farmer’s wife” and feed mosquitoes at 4 a.m. or drive trucks and tractors. I would continue to teach and we would have cash flow and insurance. I was also the resident accountant. He could use my income and hire someone who wanted to work with the land.) We lived on that farm for 50 years and he was a very successful man.

In 1974 we adopted a baby, Michael, and learned to live with autism and asthma. He has a form of high functioning autism and astounded us with his memory and frustrated us with his dysfunction. He currently lives in Sheridan and drives his own car, has an apartment and works as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut.

Eight years after we adopted Michael we were surprised to become parents again, Carl.  At this point, I tried to take a little time off but we weren’t able to get insurance for the family. I was given the opportunity to become a kindergarten teacher with a half time position and insurance. The next year I was assigned to the Title I program. I stayed in that position for 23 years. During that time I received an endorsement in Middle School education and in reading education. Also I spent four years in Reading Recovery, a grueling job working with first graders who were not achieving in class.

During this time I worked to get my Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. In 1992 I was honored to be able to present my thesis to the Northern Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association held in South Dakota.

After forty years of teaching I retired in 2006 and was approached by the President of the school district to become a trustee. As the president of the Powell Education Association I had attended the Board meetings for 10 years but I had never seen that work out when a former teacher became a trustee.

However, when I was approached by the college to run for trustee I took the chance. I had been involved with much of the college, living on campus and taking many of the college classes over the years since we moved here. I have enjoyed this position for 16 years and wish to stay on. I have much experience and history to share.

I was on the State WACCT (Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees) board for 12 years. It was interesting to work with the College Commission and others in state government. As a trustee we traveled every other month to the meetings which were held at one of the other colleges. A lot can be gained by visiting other institutions and working with our legislators. In 2016 I was given the WACCT Outstanding Trustee award. The WACCT Board attended many of the state and national conferences during my time on the Board.

Personal information: I have two sons, Michael and Carl. Carl is currently serving in the U.S Army as a Lt. Col and is stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground designing and evaluation military equipment. My husband, Gerry, and I were married for 55 years until his death in 2019. Carl and his wife, Emilie (who was also an Army officer), have three children –the joy of my life—and live in Bel Air, Maryland.

I feel that I have the time, energy and background to be a Trustee of Northwest College.

Emily Hart for NWC Board of Trustee

Emily Hart

My name is Emily Hart and I am running for a Northwest College Board of Trustees position. I am an NWC alumnus and a 2011 graduate from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s in Social Work.

For the last 18 months, I’ve solely focused on my small business of supporting health through handmade, clean, and organic products. Prior, I worked at a neighboring hospital district for nine years focusing on process improvement, quality measurements, and fostering positive work environments. I have devoted my life to service through volunteering and professional endeavors. Serving as an NWC Board of Trustee would be a highlight.

I was raised in Powell attending K-12 in Park County School District #1. My husband of 16 years was born and raised here in Powell. He is also an entrepreneur; being a mechanic and a farmer. After receiving our degrees, we chose to move home and make Powell our permanent residence.

As an NWC Board member, my focus would be to continuously foster a positive relationship between NWC and our community, provide support to NWC as they navigate the barriers ahead including enrollment trends and the perceptions of community colleges. Most importantly, I am focused on the evolution of this institution to quickly and qualitatively meet the needs of the changing student while smoothly transitioning them into the workforce.

I am an invested community member who has the time, dedication, and valuable perspective to return the investment NWC had once shown me.

Denise Laursen for NWC Board of Trustees

Denise Laursen

In the spring of 1981, I became the 2nd generation family member to graduate from Northwest College and transfer to the University of Wyoming. Because of my positive experience at NWC, I found my passion, and for the last 38 years, I have been blessed to work at PCSD#1, the same district from which I graduated.  My husband, Dan, and I have raised two wonderful children, and NWC gave both of them a great learning opportunity through the Music Department. Several of my family members have also attended NWC.  This past year I served as President of the Wyoming Association of Career and Technical Education.  In the past, I have worked on the Wyoming Standards for Career and Technical Education (CTE) as well as other committees.   Presently, I teach concurrent enrollment classes with Sheridan College to upper-level high school students and help these students earn Industry Recognized Certifications.  Over the past few years, I have worked with a federal grant that is directly related to CTE programs at the high school level.   As part of the grant and PHS staff member, I am involved with our CTE Advisory Board where I have learned how valuable it is to work with our local business and industry partners.  Future careers will be changed at an exponential rate, with many present jobs being done by new technologies. Looking at data available to NWC, questions will be asked what the college can offer future students, community members, the Big Horn Basin as well as the state, to be prepared for these future career changes. Being involved in the future direction of NWC would truly be an honor. Because of my experiences, I believe I have fresh ideas that can help NWC through the process of preparing all for the rapidly changing workplace.

Mallory Riley for NWC Board of Trustees

Mallory Riley

Mallory was born and raised in the Bighorn Basin. A Powell native, she graduated from Northwest College ("NWC") in 2014 with an Associate's Degree in Communication. From NWC, Mallory proceeded on to attend the University of Wyoming ("UW"), where she earned her Bachelor's of Science Degree in Communication. She then finished her education with a Juris Doctor Degree from Washburn University School of Law. She is now a practicing attorney representing Park County in her capacity as a Deputy County Attorney.

Beyond her legal career, Mallory is also known locally for her role as the founder of The HumbleBee Shop, an inclusive clothing boutique in Powell, Wyoming. Mallory, in her ownership of The HumbleBee Shop, was awarded Small Employer of the Year (2021) from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Development. The HumbleBee Shop has been in operation for over a year and has continued to incorporate and encourage local entrepreneurship.

Mallory has a passion for community service and volunteer work. She is an active member of the Powell Medical Foundation ("PMF") Board of Trustees and was recently asked to chair the PMF Policy Committee. Mallory has consistently been involved in performing volunteer and community service for the past fourteen years.

When she is not busy serving her community, she likes to spend her time enjoying her young family and making the most out of life. She enjoys reading, rafting, and riding as much as her busy life and the Wyoming weather allows.

Dusty Spomer for NWC Board of Trustees

Dusty Spomer

Dusty Spomer was first elected as a Northwest College Trustee in the fall of 2014 and is now completing his second 4-year term.  Dusty has served as Board President, Vice-President and Secretary during his years as a Trustee.

In addition to NWC, Dusty currently serves as the Chairman of the Wyoming Industrial Siting Council, a position appointed under Governor Matt Mead.  Trustee Spomer has also been Chairman of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services for three years during the time he has been a Trustee.

In the past Dusty served on numerous Boards including Park County Leadership Institute, Hope Lutheran Church Council, and Mountain Spirit Habitat for Humanity.  In all cases Dusty led or was a key lead in progressive change and advancement of the organization.

Trustee Spomer participated in the Governance Institute for Student Success (GISS) institute in 2016 and has been heavily involved in seeing the outcomes drive our Board’s mindset.  The initiatives that stemmed from GISS have created measurable, positive change at NWC.

Dusty has led the Policy and Student Success Committee, Facilities Committee and Finance Committee at different times during his service to NWC.  Dusty has provided leadership and direction during this very difficult time addressing needed policy change at NWC.  On the Facilities Committee, Dusty applies his background in capital construction planning, programming and finance.

Dusty has spent time in Cheyenne lobbying Legislators during the legislative session and at WACCT Legislative receptions to visit with legislators from across the state about the issues, particularly funding issues, for the betterment of community colleges.  In addition, Dusty has been involved in meetings with Big Horn Basin legislators specifically aimed at making them aware of issues at Northwest College and Wyoming community colleges in general.  Further, Dusty regularly engages legislators around the state as opportunities arise, reminding them of our needs and making sure they keep our community colleges front-of-mind.

Trustee Spomer believes the Community college shouldn’t only provide vocational certificates nor should it be just 4-year transfer or just 2-year humanities and arts degree.  Dusty takes great pride in the fact that the Northwest College Administration and Board are united in that mindset and I continue to be supportive of the whole community college mission, including workforce training and apprentice programs.”

Dusty used his position as Chairman of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) to completely overhaul the model that was in place for decades.  Since he first came on the Board, Dusty could see that the model was not efficient in converting tax dollars to broadened education in Park County.  The new model leveraged the duplication of services between Northwest College and BOCES and turned those precious resources into expanded programming, reaching a much more comprehensive demographic.

Dusty has experience in business, construction, and engineering, and has held multiple leadership positions in the military, private enterprise and in public office.  Dusty has applied this knowledge and experience aimed at making NWC sustainable and maintaining its relevance in Wyoming higher education.  Budget constraints in Wyoming have forced us to make hard decisions.  Financial stability and the sustainability of the college are being challenged now in ways many past Boards have not experienced. Dusty has been very instrumental in asking the hard questions about Capital facilities projects and major maintenance and how we need to re-evaluate our approach and thinking about these issues at our colleges in the future.

Dusty also has unique perspective and generational diversity.  Many of Dusty’s peers cannot participate in Board positions like this due to work and raising children.  Dusty has made investment in community a priority allowing his unique perspective and background to be present in the conversation on state-wide community college concerns.

Dusty and his wife Betsy are strong supporters of the Northwest College Foundation.

Trustee Spomer was called on to present to ENDOW on the subject of the workplace in Wyoming and Wyoming’s Workforce, issues that are directly tied to the Community College mission.  Dusty has provided leadership and experience necessary to position NWC to support the community college’s role called for by ENDOW.

EDUCATION: Undergraduate studies in Architectural Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Wyoming.  Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and Omaha, 1997.

MILITARY:   Army Basic Training (honor graduate) and AIT (honor graduate) Fort Sill, OK Artillery.  Army Officer Candidate School, commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1994 (honor graduate), Army Artillery Officer Basic School (honor graduate) Fort Sill, OK; Served in Wyoming National Guard 8 years and exited as First Lieutenant.

LEADERSHIP: Park County Leadership Institute 2006-2007, Leadership Wyoming 2014-2015

EXPERIENCE: Trustee Spomer is a registered Professional Engineer licensed in the States of Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Utah.  Dusty began his engineering career working in Omaha, Nebraska and Greeley, Colorado. In 2002, Dusty joined Graham, Dietz and Associates (later known as GDA Engineers) in Cody and became President in 2005. Since then, he has worked on civil engineering, surveying, GIS, planning, and remote sensing projects in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and Utah. His projects involve public and private infrastructure works including airports, highways, land development, water resources, and municipal utilities.

With the merger of GDA with T-O Engineers, Dusty became Chief Operating Officer and was responsible for the company‘s operations in their nine offices and 200 employees, working in 11 states.

With the recent merger of T-O Engineers with Ardurra Group (Miami, FL), Dusty became Operations Director, Northwest, and is responsible for the company‘s operations in the Rocky Mountain region and the Pacific Northwest.

PERSONAL: Dusty has been married to Dr. Betsy Spomer for 27 years and have two daughters, Elsie and Sydney.  Betsy and Dusty grew up in Thermopolis and knew they wanted to return to Wyoming at the first opportunity.   Dusty and Betsy are fortunate to have had the opportunity to return to Wyoming for professional careers.  They know how important it is to Wyoming’s future that our youth either don’t leave Wyoming to begin with or at least have the opportunity to return to raise their families and enjoy the Wyoming lifestyle.  At this stage of life, most of our time is spent following the kids’ activities and sports or recreating together in Wyoming’s great outdoors. Dusty and his wife Betsy are strong supporters of the Northwest College Foundation, the University of Wyoming Alumni Association and the Cowboy Joe Club.

Hospital District Trustee for Powell Valley Healthcare

Mission: Caring for you.
Office Responsibilities: Board responsibilities include developing and reviewing the hospital's mission and strategy through guidance of the hospital's long-term goals and policies. Making strategic plans and decisions are established by ethical standards, compliance, finances, and values. Also, community relationships are important.
Philosophy: Park County Healthcare cares for you and the provider of choice that is safe, compassionate, and sincere. Values include integrity, respect, compassion, quality, and accountability.

Candidates for Powell Hospital District Trustee

Joni Bennett for Powell Hospital District

Joni Bennett

My name is Joni Bennett. I have lived in Park County since 2009. Both of my girls graduated from Powell High School and are planning on going into the nursing field. My husband is an electrician & local business owner, he has lived in the Basin most of his life.  Both of us are constantly discussing ideas on how to make our town better and add value to the community.

I put my name into the running for the Powell Valley Healthcare board and also the school board. They are both huge parts of the community that I want to contribute to and to make them better.

I have worked in the healthcare field for 8 years. I have spent numerous hours in multiple parts of Powell Valley Healthcare. I have been in the financial offices, infusion center, ED department and helped out with case management. I have been involved with numerous aspects of the medical world which involves our community members from our newest ones to our elderly. With this involvement I have helped many patients navigate the brightest and darkest times of their lives. I have been an instrumental part of the medical team helping bridge the gaps between provider and patient.

Our hospital has some of the best physicians, nurses, medical assistants, maintenance, cafeteria workers, ect. I want to be their voice about their concerns and listen to their ideas on how we can make our hospital better since they are the frontline workers. I care about our community and I want our patients to have the best care from when they walk in the doors to when they have questions on their bill. I want fiscal accountability. The board works for the employees, community and taxpayers. I want open communication. I am very tenacious.

Chris Cox for Powell Hospital District Trustee

Chris Cox

My name is Christopher Cox and I am running for election to the Board of Trustees for Powell Valley Healthcare after being appointed to a vacant board position earlier this year.  I have lived in Powell for over 20 years and am a proud graduate of Powell High School (Class of 1996).  I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Sioux Falls (South Dakota), where I majored in Business Administration, and have worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years in a variety of capacities.  I currently work for First Bank of Wyoming as an Agricultural Loan Officer.

I am a strong believer in the power of community involvement and civic service.  I have experience serving on various boards, most notably as a current member of the Board of Directors for Powell Economic Partnership, where I also serve as Treasurer.  I am also a graduate of the Park County Leadership Institute, and a past member of the Powell Rotary Club where I served on the board, including two separate terms as Club President.  In my free time, I enjoy backpacking and fishing in the wilds of Wyoming, and spending quality time with my wife and 2 sons.

My interest in continuing in my current capacity as a Board Member for PVHC is simple.  PVHC is a vital entity to Powell and the surrounding population—not only in terms of the health and wellness of our community, but also as a major employer and economic driver—and its health as an organization is integral to the way of life we enjoy in this beautiful part of Wyoming.  For as long as I serve as a Board Member for PVHC, my goal will be to build upon the work of the leaders who came before me to ensure that vitality is maintained.

Picture Not Submitted

Karen S. Elton

Bio not submitted.

Michele Hill for Powell Hospital District Trustee

Michele Hill

Michele “Shelley” Hammond Hill grew up in Powell and graduated from Powell High School.  After marrying her high school sweetheart, Jeff Hill, they moved to Virginia for Jeff to fulfill his military duty.  Shelley continued her studies in Elementary Education and received her Elementary Education degree from the University of Wyoming.  After returning to Wyoming Shelley began working at the Boys and Girls Club, Preschool teacher and with the local school district.  She was a coordinator for district grants and projects such as the Summer Academies.  In 2010 Shelley received her Masters degree in Administration.   The Hill family was transferred to Texas and Shelley became an elementary Principal for the last 10 years.  They were excited when they had the opportunity to move back to their hometown of Powell.  Hillside Floral has become their next amazing adventure and are blessed to be a part of this wonderful community once again    Shelly also is a Professional Development trainer and consultant.  Jeff and Shelley have two children, MaKenzie who is a freshman at the University of Wyoming and Jackson who is a sophomore at PHS.

RJ Kost for Powell Hospital District Trustee

RJ Kost

Being born and raised in the Big Horn Basin, I have enjoyed the opportunities available in the great area. My education has played an important role in my life and my reason for participating in community service. I have a major in Mathematics, and a major in Physical Education and Health from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, graduating in 1975. I earned my master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wyoming in 1989.  From 1975 to 2006 I was a 7-12 mathematics instructor, and a coach for many sports. I started in Dubois, Wyoming and moved to Powell in 1982 where I continued my profession as an educator.  In 2006 I moved to the curriculum coordinator position for Park County School District #1 in Powell. I retired from education in 2018.  The two things I enjoyed from college to early in my career were teaching/coaching and being connected to the health field in some way. Working in health was my second choice in college if I decided I didn’t want to be a teacher. That never happened. While in Dubois I was a member of the volunteer fire department going to fires and accidents in the area. In all of this time I knew I wanted to help others in the health field as well as in education. In 2018 I ran for the Wyoming State Senate and  had a great 4 years of experience and learning. I have been very active in state and national organizations and served on many committees for the Department of Education in Wyoming. I am currently the director for the Wyoming Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (WY-ASCD), and the president of the board of our local schools’ credit union. I have been on the Park County Health Coalition for a number of years. I have been on the board of Powell Valley Health Care for 11 years and currently am working on my 12th year. Currently I am the president of PVHC board. I have also participated in the Powell Economic Partnership and hope to continue working to find economic growth for our community.   I have enjoyed serving on these boards and find value in each one. My involvement with PVHC has been very dear to my heart as making sure our hospital and care facilities remain an important part of our community. Serving is my way to give back to the great community I live in. It is, and always has been, my desire to give back to the communities in which I live and have been so lucky to be part of.

Scott McKenzie for Powell Hospital District Trustee

Scott McKenzie

I have been a member of this great community for 33 years. My wife, Cathy, and I raised our daughters here, and we couldn’t have picked a better place for them to grow up.  I have been part of Park County School District #1 for all of my time here in Powell as a teacher/coach and more recently as the Activities Director and Dean of Students at Powell High School.  My tenure as an educator is coming to a close, and I wish to continue serving our outstanding community.  I believe I can bring my experience of being a solid team leader at PCSD#1 to the Hospital Board.  My main tasks would be to listen and support our medical teams to be the best they can be, and to make sure that fiscal responsibility is provided to keep our programs at the top. I have nothing but admiration and respect for all of our people in this important profession.  I am proud to be from Powell, and this opportunity would just be another valuable way for me to give back to our community.  

Tracy Morris for Powell Hospital District Trustee

Tracy Morris

I am running for the hospital board because I care about our Powell Valley community and I’m actively involved showing integrity, compassion, and respect.  Health care is vital to our community and keeping the mission of the hospital, caring for everyone and be the provider of choice, is my service to the voters!

As the Economic Development Specialist for Powell Economic Partnership/Powell Chamber/Powell Visitor Center, I support the growth of local businesses and foster business development specifically in tourism, agriculture, outdoor rec, and the arts. Additionally, I create and maintain relationships with key stakeholders and community leaders. As an educator and public servant, I’ve got great insight into local workforce needs and opportunities. Currently, I serve as a Trustee & Treasurer for PCSD#1, BOCES board and NWC Boosters Board. Previously, I was a teacher in Idaho, Program Director for Wyoming Family Literacy and most recently a Probation and Parole Agent in Cody and Powell, WY. I’m devoted to my family and spend many hours on the soccer field.

Picture Not Submitted

Melinda Shopa

Bio not submitted. 

Additional Park County Special District Candidates

Know Before You Vote! Local Elections in Park County, WY on November 8, 2022. If you have questions contact a PEP team member.

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