Northwest College

Northwest College student outdoors smiling. She has long curly dark hair and a green three quarter length shirt. she is wearing a watch and a bunch of rings.

Northwest College is located 70 miles from Yellowstone National Park. It is a two-year residential college. They offer transfer and technical programs of study. They blend both traditional arts and sciences with emerging technologies. NWCโ€™s diverse programs and workforce-ready pathways nourish students. Students therefore become critical thinkers and problem solvers in our ever-changing world.

Students have the choice of housing options and meal plans. However, Powell has apartment options for students. As well as, rental homes. Powell's AmeriCorp's VISTA is an excellent program. That is to say, for those looking to extend their skills. To Clarify, it is locally run; however, it is a National program.

Community Surrounding Northwest College

NWC is located right here, in Powell. We have beautiful mountain and agricultural views. Most importantly, we are a close knit community. And we are home to a charming downtown. Powell's wide sidewalks and minimal traffic make it easy to enjoy a stroll. For example, to city parks, restaurants, and shops.

NWC Outdoor Recreation

Our public lands offer areas for you to hike, climb, mountain bike, and explore. Winter are a hit because we have outstanding cross-country, downhill ski, snowshoe, and snowmobile areas. Moreover, you will find world-class access within 100 miles in every direction of Powell, Wyoming. And don't forget Yellowstone National Park. Powell is an easy drive to the park, that is to say, Yellowstone is the perfect weekend day trip.

NWC is the perfect college if you have a love for the outdoors. The year round outdoor sports are the best in the country. In addition to the outdoors, our small town vibes make it a great choice. For example, our stores, restaurants and brewery provide everything you will need and want.

The Mission

The mission of NWC is to be student-centered.ย  Furthermore, to be forward thinking and cultivate community. Preparing students for transfer, career, and life. Most importantly, they want to retain and graduate students.