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Get here by land or air. Powell, Wyoming is off the interstate. On the road less traveled to Yellowstone.
Get out in the wyld.

Travel by Air

Travel by Land

Regional Airport

Cody, WY

23 miles from Powell, WY
(approx. 25 mins)
of beautiful views

International Airport

Denver, CO

517 miles from Powell, WY
(approx. 7 hrs 30 mins)
of beautiful views

International Airport

Billings, MT

96 miles from Powell, WY
(approx. 1 hr 45 mins)
of beautiful views

Salt Lake City
International Airport

Salk Lake City, UT

471 miles from Powell, WY
(approx. 7 hrs 25 mins)
of beautiful views

Sheridan, Wyoming

123 miles from Powell, WY
(approx. 2 hrs 30 mins)
of beautiful views

Jackson, Wyoming

In the summer, is
201 miles from Powell, WY
(approx. 4 hrs 25 mins)
of epic views because
you are traveling through
Yellowstone National Park.

In the winter, it is
318 miles (approx. 5 hrs 20 mins)
of beautiful views

Good Eats

What are you in the mood to eat today? Want to try a local favorite or play it safe with a known establishment?
Either way, we’ve got you covered in Powell, Wyoming. We are happy to serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner with
a smile and some local western banter.

Coffee Shops


Coffee Shops

Uncommon Grounds

The most uncommon things about Uncommon Grounds is the friendly service and the coffee, of course. Get a cup of joe and a tasty treat. This place is great to meet a client, a friend, or your special someone.

Gestalt at the Polar Plant

Gestalt is more of an arts center and supply store then a coffee shop. That said, they have a killer coffee bar and very tasty treats to eat.

2nd Street Coffee

If you are looking for a quiet option to read, study or hang out 2nd Street Coffee is for you.

Lunch & Drinks
Dinner & Drinks
Quickserve & Takeout
Entertainment and a Meal
Food Trucks