PEP Advisory Board Meeting Exploring Agritourism and Agritainment

Please join us Wednesday, 2/26, for our next PEP Advisory Board

We will be exploring Agritourism and Agritainment. The two terms are sometimes intertwined, inviting the public onto your farm for a paid activity or to purchase something. This is another potential revenue stream for farms, ranches or hobby farmers/ ranchers. The Powell Visitor Center promotes Agritourism in Powell and Park County with our Ag Tours (Bus Tours, Custom Tours, Community Tours) We will be launching our new Ag Tour Ap in May as a part of the 150th anniversary of John Wesley Powell floating down the green and Colorado rivers.

  • Welcome
  • PEP Updates
  • How PEP promotes agriculture in Powell, Park County and the Big Horn Basin
  • What do farmers and ranchers need to know to get started insurance, promotions, release forms etc.
  • What local resources are here to take you from idea to implementation

Penn State defines Agritourism and Angertainment as the following:


Inviting the public onto a farm or ranch to participate in various activities and enjoy an agricultural experience. Agritourism enterprises include bed and breakfasts, for fee fishing or hunting, pick your own fruits/vegetables, corn mazes, farm markets and more


Providing the public with fun on-farm or on ranch activities. Such activities include haunted houses, mazes, miniature golf, horseback riding, hayrides and the like.

Powell Procurement and General Purchasing Meeting

Hear from the largest organizations in Powell: Northwest College, City of Powell, Powell Valley Healthcare, Park County School District #1, and Park County. They will all share some insights around purchasing local products and services.

Learn about the current policies and procedures for procurement and general purchasing for our major organizations. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with the principal contacts and your other local businesses. Bring some business cards.

There will be time after the Procurement overview for all businesses to introduce themselves with an optional 20-30 second elevator pitch, so make sure you know what products/services you want to highlight to this group!


7:45 a.m.             Sign in, coffee, name tags

8:00 a.m.             Introduce and/or Re-Introduce the Procurement heads of the organizations and potentially department heads when there is buying power for goods/services at that level

      • Briefly review or highlight the rules for purchasing including the bid process when applicable

8:45 a.m.             OPTIONAL 20-30 second elevator pitch to introduce yourself and give a quick snapshot of the goods and services you offer

9:00 a.m.             Federal and Government Contracting Info by Wyoming Procurement Technical Assistance Program Manager, Rich Lyles

Powell Entrepreneurs Meetup

Powell Entrepreneur Meetup

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
4 – 5 pm
Powell Makerspace,
328 E. 3rd St.
Powell, WY 82435

Please RSVP

Meet Peter Scott

Peter began as the Entrepreneur is Residence at UW on October 1st.  His goal is to help students, faculty and Wyoming entrepreneurs start companies.  He brings to UW over 30 years in industry and academia working with entrepreneurs and technology companies.

 Most recently Peter was the founder of a baseball analytics company that provides digital coaching for analog baseball players. His previous experience includes advising 25+ technology start-ups in strategy, marketing/sales, finance and securing commitments of over $10 million of investment. These companies have been in varying markets from solar, to wind turbines, fuel injection, engine controls, consumer products, and medical devices.

 Peter began his teaching career as a Professor of Entrepreneurship in Syracuse University’s top 10 ranked program. He created a class on Angel Investing and started a Creativity and Innovation competition for the College of Engineering.  In addition he created Entrepreneurial Training Guides that are being used by incubators and universities in the Papua New Guinea and Bahrain. Mr. Scott was also part of economic development projects focusing on Syrian refugees in Turkey, and an Aspen Institute project focusing on Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Libya.  He has taught in countries as varied as S. Korea, China, Pakistan and Luxembourg.

 Most recently he was a Lecturer at the University of Colorado teaching entrepreneurship to MBA’s on the Boulder and Denver campuses. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan, an MS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

PEP Annual Meeting

Join us for PEP/ Powell Chamber’s Annual Meeting and Community Reception

This evening is PEP’s opportunity to thank you, our businesses, elected officials and community and celebrate our successes for 2018. As well as, look forward to 2019. It is a time to connect and re-connect, sharing good food and drinks.
It is open house style from 5:30-8 pm with heavy appetizers by Joy Bessler and beer & wine. At 6:30 pm, PEP will give a short update.
This year we will have a few special guests Wyoming Auditor Kristi Racines, Wyoming Superintendent Jillian Balow and Wyoming Treasurer Curt Meier. We are fortunate to have so much access to Wyoming’s elected officials. It is a great opportunity to share what you love about Powell.
Please RSVP to the Powell Chamber 307-754-3494 or

GRO-BIZ & Idea EXPO 2019

Gro-Biz is Wyoming’s premier small business event.

The GRO-Biz Conference helps Wyoming businesses offer their products or services to the government. The Idea Expo provides all the resources entrepreneurs need to start or expand their company. This year’s theme is Expanding Your Market.
Workshops Include:

•Building a Powerful Brand Community
•Intro to Government Contracting
•Funding Opportunities in Wyoming
•Tips for Working with Prime Contractors
•Small Business Cybersecurity
•Website Design for Contractors
•Innovation Research Funding
•Contracting Legal Updates
•Preparing a Winning Investor Pitch


Make Things Happen with Limited Resources

Learn how to leverage state resources and techniques. Bring a project together, build capacity for your organization and increase your fundraising efforts.
Are you are a non-profit, service organization, or community organization looking to grow your toolbox? In that case, energize your volunteer and fundraising base, attend the Make Things Happen with Limited Resources Workshop.
  1. Volunteer best Practices, engage community volunteers, utilize AmeriCorps VISTA, Amy Busch, State Program Director, CNCS
  2. Placemaking and Community Organizing, Linda Klinck, Wyoming Main Street Program Manager, Wyoming Business Council
  3. Fundraising Best Practices, Panel Discussion

Please register for this FREE workshop.

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PEP Advisory Board Meeting

PEP Advisory Board

Please join us to hear the progress of the Powell Clocktower Inn Hotel and Conference Center Project. This significant private investment (with a portion of public-private partnership) continues to move forward.  

Thursday, January 31, 2019

11:30-12:30 pm

Lunch is included.

Yellowstone National Park Travel Hacks

#1 Yellowstone is the size of a small state.

It is larger than Rhode Island or Delaware. So, unless you are on a bus tour you will need your own transportation.

#2 Pick a gate. Hint, The East Gate is the Best Gate.

Yellowstone spans three states (Wyoming, Montana and Idaho). The majority of Yellowstone is in Wyoming. That’s right, Wyoming = Yellowstone. Actually 53% of Yellowstone is in Park County, Wyoming. Powell is in Park Country, Wyoming (aren’t we lucky). The gates (entrances) into the Park very in size, landscape and animal activity.

#3 Pick a gate community.

Each gate has a town close to it. The South Gate is Jackson, the West Gate is West Yellowstone, the North Gate is Gardiner, the Northeast Gate is Cook City, and the East Gate is Cody. Powell, Wyoming is just 20 miles northeast of Cody and we have two gates that are easily accessible by vehicle, the East Gate and the Northeast Gate. Each of the gate communities are distinct.

#4 Cell service is spotty.

Isn’t this kind of the point of our National Parks? Unplug, unwind, go ahead and take those selfies and send them a little later. Keep a map of the park with you so you don’t get lost.

#5 Again, Yellowstone is the size of a small state.

While there are gas stations in the park they aren’t around every geiser. Fill up your tank. Keep it full.

#6 You are at elevation, in the Park and in the surrounding communities.

Drink water, stay hydrated. You have spent time planning your trip and paying for it. Do you really want to get sick due to dehydration, nah.

#7 The animals are wild.

Not like theme park, well fed, will not approach your jeep wild. The kind of wild that is live or die wild. So, don’t approach the Buffalo…use the zoom instead. The friendly Park Rangers give a pamphlet of what types of animals are in the park and how far away you need to view them. Read it.

#8 Get off the roads. Get into the park.

Hike some trails. Bike some trails. You traveled all the away from your busy city to be in nature. Get in nature. Yellowstone National Park fills your soul in a kind of way that little other places do. Our great President Teddy Roosevelt knew what he was doing when he declared this land to belong to the people.

#9 Bring bear spray.

Grizely bears live in the park. They are meat eaters. Black bears live in the park. They eat lots of plants but also eat meat. If you surprise either kind of bear they may attack you. That is when you pull out your bear spray which is in the holster on your body, per the manufacturer instructions, not in your backpack were you can’t reach it.

#10 Buffalo do ram cars.

Buffalo are herd grazing animals. Often they will be to the side of the road or on the road. Mostly they will just keep walking; but, Buffalo are wild animals and you never know!

Not sure about what to bring, where to stay, and what to do in Yellowstone National Park? Ask a local. The Powell Visitor Center is here to help. We love talking about our National Treasure and surrounding region.