PEP Programs

Powell Economic Partnership (PEP) was founded in 2011 by a group of Powell citizens. In 2017, PEP took over management of Powell Chamber of Commerce and Powell Visitor Center. PEP is unique to our region. We are one organization with our focus on three functions: economic development, business assistance, and tourism.

PEP Programs Address Economic Development Building Blocks

Powell Economic Partnership programs address one or more of the economic building blocks illustrated in PEP Services. The base of the economic building blocks are leadership and civic development within the role of public policy. Tier one includes bolstering the quality of life, workforce development and infrastructure development in the City of Powell and Park County, Wyoming. Tier two comprises of developing existing businesses and encouraging entrepreneurial development. Tier three is recruiting new businesses that match the unique assets of the City of Powell and Park County, Wyoming.

PEP Programs Address PEP’s Strategic Priorities

Additionally, PEP’s programs address the strategic priorities set by the Board of Directors.

  • Support the growth of our existing businesses
  • Strategically target sectors for growth and recruitment initiatives
  • Champion community vibrancy and foundations for progress through direct and indirect actions
  • Strengthen Powell’s voice
  • Continue organizational development and sustainability

PEP's Programs List

Annual Reports

The annual reports illustrate the work that the Powell Economic Partnership/ Powell Chamber/ Powell Visitor Center executes for Powell, Park County, and our members.