Powell Makerspace

What is a MakerSpace?

A MakerSpace is a community workshop. As a result of these spaces, members of the community now have access to technology. In addition to education that might otherwise not be available to them. For example, MakerSpaces have been popping up all across the country. It is a way to bring technology and creativity together. In short, it fosters innovation. Colleges and universities, for example, have been adding MakerSpaces to their campuses. It provides new resources to their students. In other words we are proud to offer a community MakerSpace to our Powell residents and students.

Use this space to collaborate. As well, make it your creative work space. Not only is it a space it is filled with resources. As a result, use our tools and engineering materials. There are machines, Lego, and even craft supplies. To sum it up, this space is for young and old alike.

What makes the Powell's Community MakerSpace different?

The Powell community Makerspace is an independent and nonprofit organization. Moreover, they strive to bring technology and education to communities in the Big Horn Basin. The Powell MakerSpace is partnered with AmeriCorps to fight poverty by making technology and education available to those who need it.

We encourage you to stop by and explore. Don't just check out the space. For instance, you can bring your work with you, we don't mind. Get busy learning about engineering after that, start building. Because this is a community space, we encourage individuals to work together. In other words, make friends and expand your ideas. That is to say, you will gain knowledge and at the same time share it.

Meanwhile, watch the Powell MakerSpace social media pages. They post about workshops and events. Add them to your calendar because you wont want to miss them!

Physical Address: 328 E 3rd Steet, Powell, WY 82435
Mailing Address: PO Box 1026, Powell, WY 82435

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