We work for Powell, Wyoming!

Powell is a wholesome community with an idyllic downtown. Sidewalks and little traffic make it easy to enjoy a pedestrian stroll to city parks, restaurants, and shops. Powell, Wyoming is nestled in agricultural lands with beautiful mountain views.

Places like this just do not become amazing on their own. It takes caring community members, key stakeholders, and thoughtful leaders pushing us forward toward a brighter future. Powell Economic Partnership is one of those leaders in Powell and Park County.

Looking forward in 2021, the Powell Economic Partnership is working on many programs and initiatives for the economic prosperity of Powell. Several key programs that we are excited about are elevating local foods, creating outdoor recreation attractions, and turning our art’s resources into an authentic arts scene.

Economic Development, for a rural community is a broad reaching practice that needs a laser focus. The Powell Economic Partnership (PEP) is one organization with a strategic focus on three functions: economic development, business assistance, and tourism.

Powell, Wyoming has a lot to be proud about. Discover how the Powell Economic Partnership/ Powell Chamber/ Powell Visitor Center is working for Powell, WY in our annual reports.


The Powell Economic Partnership (PEP) looks ahead and adjusts priorities in our rapidly changing global economy.

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PEP Annual Report 2023 Cover Intersection

Beyond Compare

The Powell Economic Partnership (PEP) executes ten programs that create and environment for business to succeed.

  • We advocate for local business during the legislative session and throughout the year.
  • Powell's crops are unique because of flood irrigation. The water comes from snowmelt in Yellowstone National Park. PEP works to grow and preserve agriculture in Park County, Wyoming.
  • The arts enhance the quality of life and encourage creativity. PEP works to make art accessible and visible.
  • Promoting Powell is vital to our restaurants, retailers, and attractions. PEP's frontline program creates materials and increases knowledge to extend the length of stay.
  • MakerSpace promotes the growth of human capital.  The Powell MakerSpace is a community center for learning and innovation that leverages technology.
  • Membership strengthens Powell's businesses through networking, marketing, promotions, and business services.
  • PEP leverages outdoor recreation to attract a better workforce, increase the length of stay for visitors and grow our local economy.
  • PEP is the entity that promotes Powell in print marketing collateral, digital promotions and social campaigns. We host events, ag tours and manage the Powell Visitor Center.
  • PEP attracts talent, businesses, and industries that match our community values.  We work to create smart growth in the Powell Valley.

Beyond Compare 2021 Annual Report

Powell Economic Partnership Annual Report 2021

Prevail in 2020

PEP is in the trenches leading our community by establishing plans and executing our leadership’s vision. During the international pandemic PEP drafted and executed the Reopen Powell Plan. PEP had a clear understanding of how to assist businesses at this critical point and we acted with a laser focus.

We refined our existing programs and created many new programs. With the overarching goal that Powell citizens exude pride and ownership of where they work, live and recreate. Find out how we are realizing that goal in our 2020 annual report Prevail.

Flyer with a photo of plants just starting to grow from soil and a hand next to them with water dripping from fingers. Prevail. Powell economic Partnership. Annual Report 2020

Attracting young talent to live and work in Powell, Wyoming is important for community sustainability.  At the Powell Economic Partnership, we attract talent to Powell by showcasing our local foods, arts, and outdoor recreation.

Live Better in Powell, Wyoming

Powell, Wyoming is a great place to live and work. It is a safe community to ride bikes and take a stroll downtown to do some shopping, get a coffee, and a microbrew. Our idyllic downtown is “picture perfect”. Cultural events happen at Plaza Diane Center for the Arts, local museums, the public library and Northwest College.

In Powell, we enjoy our small community that provides safety but enough urban amenities to be comfortable. The downtown is pedestrian friendly with local shops, boutiques, and restaurants. This video highlights Powell’s City Hall, Club Dauntless fitness center, Uncommon Grounds Coffeehouse, Heartworks gallery with fine art and crafts made in the Big Horn Basin, and WyOld West Brewery and restaurant.

Lift in 2019

PEP lifts our community by building capacity in 2019. For Example, lifts are made by identifying assets, celebrating our culture and namesake. Moreover, PEP identifies and removes barriers.

Cover of PEP Annual Report 2019

Setting the Pace in 2018

The consolidation in 2018 with one board and one staff gives Powell a unified voice. In fact, unity brings programs to Powell that support the growth of existing businesses. One voice is a strong voice, PEP advocates for Powell locally and throughout the state of Wyoming.  PEP sets the pace, targeting sectors for growth and recruitment initiatives.

Pacesetters we all have them. That person, that business, that organization just a few steps ahead. Encouraging you forward to run another step, run faster, be better. Leading the way. Empowering you forward. Powell Economic Partnership is your Pacesetter.

PEP's highlights in 2018 include solidifying the public private partnership for the Clocktower Inn of Powell, Wyoming. As well as, hosting the Wyoming Diversification Summit and Meet the Candidates.

The Powell Chamber ran a successful crowd funding campaign to install a new LED sign that highlights community events. Promoting the Powell Bucks program to large organizations results in 17,180 of Powell Bucks in circulating in the City of Powell. Furthermore, The Powell Chamber is a communications hub for the community.

The Powell Visitor Center served 3,095 in-person tourists, business travelers, Northwest College students, their families and community members.

Ripple Effect in 2017

PEP took over management of the Powell Chamber and Powell Visitor Center in 2017. The management shift has a ripple effect. Powell has a new energy, interest, and enthusiasm.

The biggest story for PEP in 2017, is the consolidation of economic and community development services of PEP with the Powell Chamber. Powell, WY is the fourth community in #Wyoming to combine these entities, including the Visitor Center. The consolidation allows PEP to lead the community with a more holistic approach to economic development. As a result, PEP has expanded efforts for local business growth and support, entrepreneurship development, and strategic main street initiatives.

Powell has stronger communications and promotions of Powell as a destination and its events. Additionally, with strategies aligned, the Powell Visitor Center can elevate local tourism and support visitor attractions in Northwest Wyoming in partnership with the Park County Travel Council and the Wyoming Department of Tourism.

PEP continues to work diligently in its strategic priorities including business recruitment and entrepreneurship. In addition, projects like GT Aeronautics and Tread 'N' Trails and their ripples will continue to resonate throughout our community. These growth opportunities leverage the support of key state partners like the Wyoming Business Council.

Additionally, PEP continues its strategic support of its local businesses, bringing relevant and timely resources and assistance. These efforts are bolstered by attention and support from Governor Mead's initiative for diversification, ENDOW, Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming.

PEP brings its local businesses and solutions to the table to help stimulate further conversation at the bigger picture. For example, one of the key conversations that PEP hosted locally in 2017 with considerable interest from ENDOW was around healthcare options for small businesses.