Stay and Play in Powell Wyoming

Powell is a great value destination

Stay and play here in Powell, Wyoming. To clarify, make it your basecamp to Yellowstone and the Big Horn Basin. If you prefer to stay in an RV or vacation home rental, we will make it happen. Likewise, economy or quaint lodging we will help you find. Because we want to help you keep your hard-earned dollars for the shops and attractions.

We offer attractions for families, retirees, and adventurers at heart. What is there to do in Powell, Wyoming? We are so glad you asked and here are our top attractions.


A walk down memory lane

Take a stroll around our idyllic downtown. It will take you to a by-gone era. For example, legendary Newsman Tom Brokaw shares Powell, Wyoming is a perfect example of a small-town. “I just thought that this is picture postcard,” Brokaw, quoted by the local paper. Powell's wide sidewalks, in a safe and friendly town surrounded by mountain views will provide the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of shopping for locally made keepsakes.

Local artists and artisans

Powell, Wyoming can be found centrally in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming surrounded by mountains. Each of the mountain ranges do look very different. Similarly, there are wildly different landscapes that have provided habitats for all kinds of animals in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

The diverse and immense natural beauty of this place has become a haven for local artists. Plaza Diane is on the corner of Bent and 2nd Street has provided a gallery space and showcased painters, photographers, potters, sculptures and other local artists. Gestalt Studios offers art classes, an art gallery, event space and the largest selection of art supplies in Wyoming. Inspiration will move you to create your own western masterpiece during your visit and Gestalt is a the place to go.


We have for you a list of Powell’s Good Eats eateries, restaurants and dining establishments. We have loved them for years and know you will too.


Outdoors - Stay and Play in Powell Wyoming!

The City of Powell has 125 acres of manicured parks tucked away in every residential neighborhood. At all of the parks you will find playgrounds and park benches. Homesteader Park is the perfect place to stop and stretch your legs. After that, take your dog off-leash in Wiggly Field, to clarify, it's a fenced dog park. Homesteader Park is great for the kids, with playground equipment and swings to get all of their energy out! The paved paths are perfect for walking along, pushing a stroller on a nice day, and riding a bike. If you are more adventuresome try the bike and skate park. Likewise, while using the outdoor fitness equipment take in the view of Bighorn Mountains, it will feed the soul. Homesteader Park offers clean restrooms and picnic areas. You will find it is conveniently located on HWY 14A on the east side of town.

Washington Park is centrally located in town with little wind and lots of mature trees that will provide you with shade during your outing. The amenities include a playground, volleyball nets, picnic tables and bathrooms. In addition, the bandshell in Washington Park is also the venue for live performances.

18 hole golf course with two unique 9 holes - Stay and Play in Powell Wyoming!

Go play the links in Powell, Wyoming during your travels to Yellowstone National Park. The Powell Golf Club is a stunning course with two unique 9 holes, to clarify, one set of nines are tree-lined and lush the other are in the desert.

Indoor lazy river and pool - Stay and Play in Powell Wyoming!

Enjoy a float around the lazy river, a soak in the bubbles, and a swim in the heated indoor pool.  In addition to play, the lap pool will give you uninterrupted access to a swim lane for exercise. Both of the Powell Aquatic Center indoor pools can be accessed with membership, 10 visit punch pass and a daily pass.

Park County Fairgrounds

The Park County Fairgrounds is home to the Park County Fair held during the last week in July every year. The fair is just the start of what the fairgrounds has to offer. For instance, many visitor and community events are held at the Fairgrounds. Don’t miss out, check their calendar for events happening during your stay.

Old-fashioned movie theater - Stay and Play in Powell Wyoming!

The Vali Cinema is an art deco classic movie theater. Enjoy the nostalgic experience derived from the old fashioned candy counter and the red cloth seats.

Drive-In movie theater - Stay and Play in Powell Wyoming!

The American Dream Drive-In features movies ranging from classics to blockbusters, in other words you don't want to miss this experience. Include the drive in during your stay in Powell. Arrive at dusk and head to the concession stand. You will wait until dark after that, the movie will start. Most importantly, it is only $15 per car - no matter how big or small. You and your family will make great memories here

Homesteader Museum

Do you have what it takes to be a Homesteader? Stay and Play in Powell Wyoming!

Imagine, you travel by wagon, over mountains and across a high desert; however, the terrain is made up of dry silty earth held in place only by a wiry sage brush. The wind blows dirt relentlessly, your face and your hands are covered, similarly, the dust is caked in your hair from sweat.

Meanwhile, weary from the journey, you have arrived at the Homesteading office. You acquire a parcel of land, moreover, the federal government tells you, you have five years to make it productive. After that, you take ownership of a small dwelling called a sod house. The workers who built the dam and irrigation canals that you rely on, today, once lived in this second-hand structure.

You can receive more information and visit the Homesteader Museum here.

Heart Mountain Interpretive Center

On December 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. After the attack, Japanese-Americans were forced from their homes. Individuals and families were placed on a train and transported to one of ten relocation centers. To clarify, they are now called internment camps. The first trainload of "internees" had arrived to Heart Mountain, in Powell, on August 12, 1942. 14,000 Japanese Americans lived on Heart Mountain during the 3 years that the camp was operational.  In short, the windswept, sagebrush desert needed to sustain thousands of people who now lived there. In addition to visiting the camp, you will learn more about the Heart Mountain Interment Camp story at the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center.