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Your gateway to visit Yellowstone is Powell, Wyoming!

Powell, Wyoming is perfectly located in the Big Horn Basin. In short, we can be found next to Yellowstone National Park’s East Gate and North East Gate. Powell is surrounded by public lands in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. For example, in Park County 80% of our lands are managed by a federal agency. To clarify, we not only allow, but also encourage you to go outside and discover Park County, Wyoming.

“The Yellowstone Park is something absolutely unique in this world, so far as I know. Nowhere else in an civilized country is there to be found such a tract of veritable wonderland made accessible to all visitors, where at the same time not only the scenery of the wilderness, but the wild creatures of the park are scrupulously preserved…” - President Roosevelt

Discover Your Lands

Hike our trails, discover the best places for wildlife, and  drive our scenic byways. Wyoming has a large amount of public lands it can overwhelm even the most seasoned traveler. So, for the best experience, just ask a local. On the other hand, you can contact the Powell Visitor Center before you travel. We provide you with everything you need and help you plan the perfect trip. For example, we are happy to send you visitor guides and get you specific information. For instance, about our history, geological wonders, outdoor recreation and attractions for Yellowstone.

Meanwhile, we assist those currently vacationing in Wyoming. Just plan a stop to the Powell Visitor Center during your travels. We provide free maps and other print guides. We have them available for Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park and other Wyoming attractions. Lastly, here at the Visitor Center we offer reference books on geology, trails, and our national history for the Powell Valley. As well as, books about our namesake, John Wesley Powell.

Yellowstone National Park gates open and close with the seasons; however, you can access Park County all year long. We are surrounded by mountains on all sides, each with different geological, historic, and natural features. The Yellowstone Ecosystem is largely without fences, so the animals migrate hundreds of miles within our public lands. Therefore, it is important to understand the wildlife. Most importantly, understand outdoor safety during your recreation.

Four Seasons Of Outdoor Recreation Awaits

Mountains surround us in Park County on all sides offer four seasons of outdoor recreation. Our Views are diverse and include 360 degrees of mountain ranges. First, the Beartooth, Carter, Rattlesnake, and more make up the Absaroka Range, which are to our west. Second are the McCaullagh Peaks visible to our south. Thirdly, and to the north are the Prior Mountains. Lastly, are the Big Horn Mountains and they can be found to our east. The Big Horn Basin is 360 degrees of epic outdoor recreation for all and we could not enjoy more.

Your Summer Gateway To Visit Yellowstone

In the summer the mountain trails hold adventure for all. For example, you can hike, bike and horse pack on the trails or into the backcountry. Likewise, lakes, rivers and streams provide world-class water sports and a playground for all who enjoy water activities. Take in the sunshine while you paddle, kayak, canoe and yes, even sail on the waters around Powell. Most importantly to note, Yellowstone has 600 lakes and ponds and over 1,000 rivers and streams. Water to the east of the continental divide flows eastward toward Powell, Wyoming.

Your Fall Gateway To Visit Yellowstone

Similarly, in the fall our National Forests and Bureau of Land Management lands are used as hunting grounds. You can hunt for wild game and birds. Winter conditions come early in the Yellowstone Ecosystem. As a result, in Powell, our first snows are in October. You can certainly plan your hunting and fall scenic trips right here with us. In short, gain access to our wide open outdoor recreation areas.

Your Winter Gateway To Visit Yellowstone

During the winter months snow falls on the mountains around the Big Horn Basin. Enjoy our groomed cross-country ski trails at Pahaska Tepee and the Wood River Meeteetse trails. In addition, residents and visitors can snowshoe on the groomed trails or in the backcountry. During this season enjoy two local downhill ski areas. Both are an hour from away. Red Lodge Mountain in Red Lodge, Montana and Sleeping Giant ski area in Cody, Wyoming just outside the East Gate of Yellowstone of ski options. Likewise, Sleeping Giant also connects to the cross-country ski trails to accommodate all winter activities. In short, Powell is the perfect base for your winter adventures.

Your Spring Gateway To Visit Yellowstone

During our spring season weather can vary; however, it eventually brings warmer temperatures. The snow melts and the shallow waterways rise high with white water. It is during this time rafting is at its best. In the high-desert, Powell gets little rain except for the rains that come during the spring. Irrigation water starts to flow in April and our farmers start the short growing cycle. Plan your visit around our world class recreation of fishing, biking trails, river rafting and camping. Most importantly, don't forget to include Yellowstone National Park in your plans! Wildlife offers new birth during this season. As a result, we can enjoy the young bison, elk, big horn and more!

"The Mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is one of the world’s great wonders. For example, it is barely touched by man, meaning you can immerse yourself in the natural world. In short, start your Yellowstone journey in Powell, Wyoming your gateway to Yellowstone.

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