Snowmelt from Yellowstone National Park is Why our Food Tastes so Good

Powell, Wyoming is a quick drive east of Yellowstone National Park. If you follow the Shoshone River from Yellowstone through the #EastGate into the pristine Shoshone National Forest, you will find the Powell Valley. The world's first national park next to the United State's first national forest is the perfect vehicle for mountain fresh water. The source of our water, snowmelt from Yellowstone National Park, finds its way to our farms' headgates. Gravity carries the water from the mountains to the Powell Valley with a very low carbon footprint. The Powell Valley is a place where generations of farm families work the land. The farm families are not only stewards of the land, they are stewards of our resources.

Powell Economic Partnership is thrilled to work with a start-up, Primary Beans to remove barriers and make connections.

The Dream of Beans

Photo of Lesley Sykes holding Primary Beans and a drink

Lesley Sykes had a nagging idea that became a personal passion. Bring the bean to home cooks. But that isn't the most BOLD thing Primary Beans is up too...wait for it...they print the harvest timing on each bag! Fresh beans taste better and cook more consistently.

The Instant Pot, a popular small kitchen appliance, has made beans quick and easy. Primary Beans shares recipes, cooking tips, and explains about the regions where their beans are grown. The Michelet,ย  Cranberry and Cannellini beans are sourced right here in Powell, Wyoming located in the Big Horn Basin. These heirloom varieties have qualities and tastes that are worth being your main dish.

Why buy a bag, or ten, from Primary Beans? Lesley understands her market and gives the consumer what they want. People can feel good about where their beans are grown. Primary Beans' recipes and cooking guide make it is easy to cook the beans in a pressure cooker for a variety of picky pallets. She knows a yummy homecooked meal on a busy weekday does wonders for the soul and is well worth the price.

Photo of Primary Beans, Michelet
Photo of Primary Beans, Cranberry

Beans of the Big Horn Basin

Powell's growing season is perfect for beans.ย  We get very little precipitation. Powell averages 7 inches or less of precipitation a year. But, Powell has a reliable water source, snowmelt from Yellowstone National Park. The farmers can control their inputs. Flood irrigation produces a pretty bean. Our high mountain desert climate grows a consistent product for seed or for beans for the dinner table.

Powell Interpretive Agriculture Tours

Our grass-fed beef is lean, our corn-finished beef is delicious, and our barley is golden. Local foods are just better in Powell, Wyoming. Learn the secrets of farming in the desert and how our local irrigation and farming practices makes your food look and taste better. The Powell Visitor Center hosts agriculture and local foods tours for bus tours, custom tours, and self-guided tours. Take an Ag Tour.