Sketch of John Wesley Powell. JWP Days Festival
Rad! Drive In Movie Poster for John Wesley Powell Days Festival

Explore Saturday's Event Schedule!

JWP Days Festival

For JWP Days Festival we will offer activities geared for both children and adults. The fun filled afternoon is packed with all sorts of activities. For example, activities include a bike obstacle course and adults, 21+ can make their way to the Beer garden for refreshments. To clarify, this day is still family friendly and kids are welcome in appropriate areas. For instance, we have provided everything you need to know:

Who: Everyone!
What: Family Fun and special activities for children and adults
When: Beginning at 4:30pm on Saturday, May 27, 2023
Where: American Dream Drive In Theater
How Much: FREE entry! Some costs for food and refreshments.

You and your children will be able to participate together during some of the events. Explore carnival games, decorate your bikes for the bike parade, try out the bike obstacle course, enjoy the beer garden and bring a DD.

Most importantly, remember to take photos and share your fun day with us on social media! You can post photos of you and the family enjoying the carnival on Facebook or Instagram and remember to tag us! Use #JWPDays so that we can see them!

Meanwhile, if you have questions or would like more information, Contact Us so that we can assist you. Likewise, you can explore more upcoming events on our Community Calendar.

Schedule of events During JWP Days Festival

Here is an overview of the days events; however, the details are subject to change. But it is our hope this assists in the planning process. Event descriptions and details are below.

  • 4:30pm Even opens to the public
  • 4:30 – 6pm, Decorate bikes, play carnival games, try bike obstacle course, take picture with photo opportunity.
  • 6pm – 7pm, Bike parade
  • 7pm – 8pm, Bring your appetite nows a great time to grab food if you haven't already, get a beer, keep having fun with games and obstacle course, and cupcake walk hosted by The Rotary
  • 8pm – 8:30, Awards ceremony for bike to school and bike to work, best decorations, etc.
  • 8:30-9pm, Time to settle in for the movie
  • 9pm movie

Let The Fun Begin!

Saturday, May 27th 4:30pm - 6pm 
Head to The American Dream Drive In Theater. Attendees can make their way to the bike decorating area and get their bikes ready for the parade! During this time food, the beer garden, and carnival games will be available for you to enjoy!

JWP Bike Parade!

6pm - 7pm 
Can you ride like John Wesley Powell?  Open to all, ride your decorated bike around the parade route to celebrate JWP Day Festival!

  • Everyone is welcome in the parade, not just kids. If you want to walk or run it is more than welcome
  • For the parade, there will be police present who are aware of the parade, there will be a follow and lead car, volunteers at every turn to guide, people who know the route biking with everyone
    • Ideally bikers should bring their bikes to the drive-in with cars so you can pack up and drive home after the movie due to the late time the movie lets out - after dark

Enjoy the fun!

7pm - 8pm 
Enjoy the carnival! Grab some food, get a beer, keep having fun with games and the obstacle course. There will be a cupcake walk hosted by Rotary.

  • Concessions available for purchase provided by the drive in.
  • Photo opportunity will be placing yourself on a JWP expedition.
  • Beer Garden! Please drink responsibly and have a DD.

Award Ceremony 

8pm - 8:30 
We will be holding an awards ceremony for those who participated in the bike to school and bike to work events, best decorations, and more!

  • Prizes awarded to those who bike the most in bike to school and bike to work.
    • If we have enough places competing, we will award the workplaces who bike the most.
    • Participating:
      • Middle School
      • First Bank
      • PVHC
      • Want to sign up? Let us know!

One Time Showing of Cult Classic Rad! 

Saturday, May 27th 9pm

From 8:30 - 9 it is time to get settled in for the movie! End your evening with the nostalgia of a drive in movie experience with a favorite 80's cult classic coming-of-age BMX movie, Rad!. The story of one young man, Cru Jones, who has the intensity and desire to win a BMX race called Helltrack.

JWP Days Location

American Dream Drive In Theater in Powell, Wyoming
1070 Rd 9, Powell, WY 82435

Rad! Drive In Movie Poster for John Wesley Powell Days Festival