Day Trip to Lovell. Start Your Adventure!

Big Horn Canyon

Day Trip to Lovell. Start your adventure at the Big Horn Canyon in the Pryor mountains with breath taking views at the Devil Canyon Overlook, 1,000 feet above the water. If you stand at the left canyon and give a big belly yell, whoop or holler you should hear it echo back. This amazing canyon runs for 70 miles though Wyoming and Montana.

Big Horn Canyon Overlook-Ron Nettie

Yellowtail Dam

I recommend a boat ride north to the Yellowtail Dam. The Dam was engineered and built in the sixties to help irrigate more than 60,000 acres for the new settlers under the Homestead Act.  This irrigation effort not only helped the Crow Indians but other setters in the Big Horn Basin. As a result of the dam and efforts to control the flooding, the town of Kane has been flooded. Currently the river feeding the canyon is famous for trout fishing.

Click Here for NPS Big Horn Canyon.

Ride to Yellowtail Dam- Tippetts

The Yellowtail Dam is 525 feet high and located in the Crow Indian Reservation. The primary purposes of the dam are flood control, power generation, irrigation and recreation.

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View from Yellowtail Dam Visitor Center- NPS, Jen Prentiss

Big Horn Sheep

On this day trip to Lovell, continue your day adventure by looking for Big Horn Sheep in the parking lot to the scenic overlook. Did you know that our Big Horn Sheep have adapted to drinking water? Occasionally, Big Horn Sheep will be at the water’s edge drinking, watch in amazement as they climb back up the steep canyon walls. During this adventurous drive keep a look out for purple dirt. This is “dinosaur dirt from the Morrison Formation.

Click Here for NPS Big Horn Sheep.

Big Horn Sheep at Scenic Overlook- Tippetts

Pryor Mountain Wild Mustangs

Wild Mustangs on the Pryor Mountains- Brian Morse

On your drive into the Pryor Mountains be looking for Wild Mustangs. This is home to more than 120 wild mustangs, on the first established public wild horse refuge, established in 1968. Sometimes you will see them on the side of the road, and other times they are just small dots on the horizon. 

Click Here for Link the Pryor Mustang Website.

Lockhart Ranch

Your next adventure stop on your day adventure should take you two miles north of Berry’s landing to Lockhart Ranch.  Caroline Lockhart started her career in journalism by getting locked in an insane asylum so she could accurately report the treatment of patients. Getting admitted was easy, trying to prove she was not crazy was the challenge. In 1904 she moved to Cody, Wyoming, and later became the owner of the Cody Enterprise newspaper. In 1926 she purchased the Lockhart Ranch. She was also an early owner of an automobile. When walking around the ranch be sure to check the buildings, many of which you can wander around. In the main cabin you can see where the lumber was delivered to Kane, Wyoming, which was later flooded. Click Here for NPS Webpage.

Starry Night at Lockhart Ranch- Lynn Richardson, Wyoming Images

Rose City

Lovell is known as the Rose City because Dr. William Watts Horsley who came to Lovell in the 1920’s was an expert on roses. He claimed the climate in Lovell was exceptional for growing the flower and began to create rose gardens. As you drive through town you will see many rose gardens all around town. If you come to town during Mustang Days, one of the Follies might even give you a embroidered rose sticker.

Rose City Follies- Lovell Mustang Days

Nostalgic Stops

To finish on your day trip to Lovell, on you way back into town to start your next adventure at Queen Bee honey factory. Many of the local farming fields contain white rectangular boxes, these are for the local bees. In the local shop not only do they sell local honey, but chocolates and candies all made with the fresh honey.  This is the perfect place to find some local gifts to take home and grab some sweet treat just for you. 

Buy Queen Bee Sweets.

This nostalgic part of the day adventure, is the Hyartt theater, built in 1950 and is packed full of character. Featuring the largest screen West of the Mississippi. This theater contains 950 seats! It also comes complete with crush red velvet seats. Check out this adventure stop and buy your bargain price ticket for $5!  Make sure to come early enough to get some concessions.

Hyartt Theater Movie Times

PEP/ Powell Chamber/ Powell Visitor Center

Check out our blog for more day adventures from Powell and all of our great shops and fun stops.

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Customer Service is What Sets You Apart from Your Competition

Customer Service is What Sets You Apart from Your Competition

Providing good customer service can make a real difference. Customer service is what sets you apart from your competition. Not only can it create a repeat customer, but that customer is also a free advertiser and positive word of mouth advocate. Positive customer service can determine how much a customer spends and how frequent they shop. This can also be the competitive advantage you are looking for.

Repeat Customers are 60-70% More Likely to Purchase

Did you know it is up to five times more expensive to gain new customers than it is to keep current customers. Return customers are 60-70% more likely to purchase, but new customers are only 5-20% likely to purchase. 

With that in mind, encourage yourself and staff to take that extra step. Learn your customers names and use them.  If your business takes appointments, then make sure to use the information you have. 

“Hi Shannon, is this your first time in?”  “Welcome, we are glad you chose us”


“Welcome back, are you shopping for anything specific today, I’m happy to make recommendations or help you find sizes.”

My dentist office is amazing at this. They took my pictures the first time I came in, so not only will I always be youthful in their database, but they welcome me by my first name every time. I only go twice a year to get my teeth cleaned, but I have referred a ton of business their direction because they took the time to provide excellent customer service.

Make Eye Contact it is One of the Easiest & Most Powerful Ways to Make a Person Feel Recognized

We tend to trust people who look us in the eye. Eye contact is also one of the easiest and most powerful ways to make a person feel recognized according to Business Insider, as a result it is a powerful tool when it comes to customer service. This can be the difference of what sets you apart from your competition.

The bottom line is that eye contact is easy and free. In particular, if you are helping another customer there is no reason why you cannot look up, make eye contact and smile.  That just told the customer “hey, I know your there.” It’s an easy action that speaks volumes.  Check out the video below on the importance of eye contact. Remember, customer service is what sets you apart from your competition.

Get Out from Behind the Counter & Make a Connection

Making a Connection & Setting Yourself Apart

I learned this tip along time ago, when I worked for the Marriott. Marriott is an amazing company with some great basics. Marriott’s philosophy is “Empowering Employees and Enhancing Customer Service to Drive the Bottom Line.” Basically, we trust you as an employee to know what is going to make the difference between good customer service and great customer service. That may mean buying a customer breakfast because they had to switch rooms.  No that does not mean buy every customer breakfast, however the $15 breakfast could mean the difference between a repeat customer or someone who chooses another brand.

I worked at the front desk and we had some regular business travelers.  As a result when I would see them coming, I would pull out their paperwork and walk out from behind the counter.

“Good evening Mr. Smith, thank you for joining us again.  I have you in your favorite corner room on the 5th floor.  Here is your paperwork, and room key, if I could just get a signature. Also, our chef has an amazing special with Salmon this evening.”

Additionally,  I would then walk across the lobby and push the elevator button and hold the door. Mr. Smith traveled about 300 nights of the year and made the point to let my manager know that he is loyal to Marriott because the customer service that is consistent across the brand, but also because of employees like me. He had never had an associate come out from behind a counter before.

This simple act can also diffuse a situation. Remove the barrier and you will be amazed at the results. Practice the action and it will become a habit.

Thank you” is a Powerful Tool & it is FREE

The Power of a Thank You

The simple phrase of “Thank you” is a powerful tool. When was the last time someone thanked you? As a result of a thank you it can double the customer’s willingness to engage with you?

With a thank you, you have consequently increased your ability to get positive reviews, increased customer engagement, and increased the likeliness of a purchase and finally but not least increased the willingness to tell a friend. In fact, multiple studies have shown that thanking increases the well-being of the recipient. It is not difficult to see why you should be thanking your customers. Check out this article from bonjoro for more great ideas.

What are some of the basics of great customer service?

1. Make eye contact and smile.

2. Always recognize the customer, especially to say I will be right with you.

3. Thank them for their purchase, the power of a thank you is often overlooked or Thank them for coming in.

4. Be knowledgeable, and make sure your front-line staff is knowledgeable. There is nothing more frustrating than “I don’t know” …. are you telling me you “just don’t care”?

5. Get out from around the counter. Offer to hold a door. It makes you appear more approachable and creates a differentiation between you and your competitor.  When was the last time someone walked you to the door and thanked you for your business?  

7. Social Media is important. About 80% of internet uses are on at least one social media platform.

8. Remember, customer service is what sets you apart from your competition.

Watch for the next blog on why good social media can be easy and highly effective.

I challenge you to try one new thing…I bet you will see results!