COVID-19 and Powell Businesses

We’ve Got This

One hundred and thirteen years ago people came from the east coast and the midwest to homestead a rugged, rocky desert. Our desert now blooms because of backbreaking labor and a steadfast disposition.

Our town is built on hard work and community pride. Over time the landscape and people have changed, but the steadfast disposition remains.  Powell, Wyoming will survive this virus and our town will be stronger and more connected because of it.

Gathering and Relaying Information

Powell Economic Partnership is providing business assistance for Powell, Wyoming in response to the coronavirus. On Tuesday, March 11, the first positive case of COVID-19 was reported in Wyoming. The first positive case of COVID-19 was reported in Park County on Wednesday, March 18. The previous day Powell Economic Partnership  (PEP) started to make personal phone calls to our businesses. To date, we have called over 140 businesses to get a pulse on what you are seeing and feeling. We will continue to make personal phone calls to understand how our businesses are reacting and what we can do for you.

Business Assistance

PEP is relaying timely and relevant information about the SBA Disaster Loan program when we personally reach out to our businesses. PEP worked with the Wyoming Business Council and other partners to locate businesses in Park County that experienced financial hardship due to the Coronavirus. This was a necessary part of the process to qualify Wyoming for federal SBA disaster loans. On Saturday, March 21, all counties in Wyoming, and the businesses within those counties, became eligible to apply for the SBA Disaster Loans.  

  • Contact your local SBDC professional if your business needs questions answered about the SBA Disaster Loans.
  • If your business needs a line of credit outside of the SBA Disaster Loans contact PEP for options.
  • Are you an individual looking for assistance and live in Park County, Wyoming see this resource list.

Resource List Healthy Park County

More Connected

This is a great time to get close to your customers, not in body, but in spirit. Developing brand loyalty is key at a time like this. How can you communicate with your customers now? Develop a plan and execute it. Action breeds confidence in your customer base. If you need ideas about how to improve your skills on social media, websites blog or forum development, or other best practices, reach out to Powell Economic Partnership/ Powell Chamber/ Powell Visitor Center. We will connect you to resources.     

Stronger Better

If you rely on a firm handshake and face-to-face meetings to conduct business, this is an excellent time to reevaluate. Business will continue with phone calls, video conferencing, document signing software, online learning, and managing an off-site workforce. Change is difficult but necessary. You are not alone. Wyoming is very fortunate to have many business services at our finger tips.  Contact your local economic developer PEP, your local chamber, Small Business Development Center, and Wyoming Business Council Northwest Regional Representative. These are business resources that work for you. Powell, Wyoming can count on Powell Economic Partnership to provide business assistance in response to the coronavirus.  

The Powell Economic Partnership Works for You!      

Rebekah Burns