Powell Wyoming is Open

It’s spring. The weather’s great. And, Powell, Wyoming is open for business. Powell businesses are opening in accordance to guidelines set by the Wyoming State Health Officer and Park County Health Officer.

You can be confident that our health officers are developing guidelines with your health and wellbeing in mind. These guidelines are being implemented in a phased approach.    

Businesses are working hard to adjust to a new way to serve their customers. Please be patience, understanding and empathetic as businesses navigate their way back to serve you.

We understand that these past two months have been isolating and deflating. We’re here side by side with you to reopen Powell and return to the activities we love.

Are you wondering, “Should I go to the gym? Is it safe for my family to eat on a restaurant patio?” Here is a diagram that can help you decide. Is anyone in your family at risk per the CDC guidelines? Do you understand the orders from the Wyoming State Health Officer and Park County Health Officer?

Powell’s businesses have stepped up to help their employees and the community. Here are some stories from the frontlines.

Hunter Clean Care

“As a small family owned business, we understand how important it is to come together as a community. At Hunter Clean Care, we are committed to continue to provide essential services and cleanings. If we continue to come together as a community, we will get through this,”  says Auston Hunter, owner of Hunter Clean Care. Hunter has provided childcare for his employees while the schools and daycares are closed.

Nerd Nation IT

Nerd Nation loaned newer equipment running windows 10 to our local workforce and students needing a device to work remotely. “We are simply trying to help out where we can, we see a need and try to work to fulfill it as best we can. At the end of the day, we are investing in this community because it is worth investing in,” says James Ries from Nerd Nation IT.

Powell Valley Healthcare

Powell Valley Healthcare purchased Powell bucks for their employees. As a result, thousands of dollars are being infused into the local economy.

Powell Economic Partnership

Powell Economic Partnership is providing business assistance for Powell, Wyoming in response to the coronavirus. Additionally, PEP and the Powell Chamber are working on a Reopen Powell Plan to answer the short and long-term needs of Powell businesses. Rebekah Burns, Executive Director, says “There is an unspoken social contract between residents and small businesses in rural towns. Both residents and small businesses know that they are investing in a way of life. Therefore, we need to be patient and empathetic to the business challenges and community needs. We’re here to help businesses pivot in order to best serve their customer base in changing times.”

The Powell Economic Partnership leads the business community and government top create wealth, jobs, and improve the quality of life consistent with the culture and environment of the Powell Valley for the benefit of all citizens. The Powell Economic Partnership works so that Powell citizens exude pride and ownership of where they work, live, and recreate.

Rebekah Burns